US CLIVAR Seeking community input on draft data commercialization position paper

Dear DSET Members,

I wanted to alert you to this request for comments on a draft position
paper from US CLIVAR by March 15.

In particular, US CLIVAR seeks comments and input from the science
community on the draft white paper “Summarizing Weather, Climate, and
Earth SystemObservational Data Sharing Needs for Research and
Education.” The paper and additional details are available at:

The document is intended to (1) raise community awareness of US
federal agency decisions to restrict access and sharing of
observational data sets through recently established commercial data
buys and (2) articulate data needs and benefits of federal commitments
to free, open, and unrestricted observational data access and exchange
for scientific research and education.

Best Regards,


Thanks @dcschus for sharing.

If anyone in the Pangeo community would like to work together on a response here, I’d be happy to lead the effort.