Pangeo Data Survey

The Pangeo Data Working Group has released its first survey. Intended to help us better inventory the data formats, catalogs, and tools we all use; in addition to the challenges and frustrations of working with cloud based systems.
If you have a moment, please contribute!

Would also be great if you could share this widely with your Academia/non-pangeo circles.

Thank you!


Um, how should academics answer the industry question?

Hi @talldave, the results of the survey are publicly available in a paper or related?. Iā€™m conducting an informal review on posts, pangeo discourse, github and other web pages related to geoscience in order to map the challenges geoscience is facing to shape a topic for my PhD. The information of this survey would be great to narrow the the ideas I have at this time. Also If you point me out to some papers it would be valuable.

Thanks !!!