Unable to sign up for Pangeo

Hi! I’m interested in signing up for Pangeo, but it’s been a while since I filled out the form, and I haven’t received any updates. Has the signup process moved to a different link? I would appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you!

Hi @Zhangxiangyu98, welcome!

I’m not sure who is actually processing the form - @scottyhq or @paigem do either of you know?

I don’t think anyone is watching that form anymore sadly (see also Signing up for Pangeo - #2 by jmunroe). @yuvipanda is this something that 2i2c can take over?

Last time this happened, we just had to re-enable a github action that had become inactive. Maybe it’s that simple here?

This is the workflow

How do we re-enable it?

I saw a ‘re-enable run’ button and have clicked it. I also ran the workflow manually, but looks like it has failed :frowning: UpdateMembers · pangeo-data/pangeo-cloud-federation@57ace33 · GitHub

I just updated the script and it ran with 77 new people added since it’s been so long :frowning: All it needed was commenting out adding people to the AWS team (since AWS hub no longer exists) and updating the actions steps to recent non-deprecated versions. UpdateMembers · pangeo-data/pangeo-cloud-federation@b02328e · GitHub .