Can't log in to Pangeo Google Cloud hub

I’ve lost access to the pangeo Google Cloud hub. When I try to access it I get the message “Looks like you have NOT been added to the list of allowed users for this hub. Please contact the hub administrators.” I understand that we are in the process of winding down but I was under the impression that I would have continued access for a few more months. Please can you let me know what is going on.

Hmm, I see the same the same error message and am listed as an “admin” @cspencerjones so something must have changed in the 2i2c configuration. I opened this issue, hopefully it’ll get resolved shortly. 403: Forbidden trying to log into Pangeo JupyterHub for all users · Issue #4043 · 2i2c-org/infrastructure · GitHub

I’m not sure what the timeline is for closing down this jupyterhub, maybe @rabernat or @jmunroe can provide more info on that front.


Sorry for this and thank you for notifying us at 2i2c @scottyhq and thank you for initially reporting this @cspencerjones - we think its been resolved now.