Standard Pangeo Presentation

I’m giving a Dask/Coiled talk to JPL in an hour or so. I’d like to include some Pangeo materials. Is there a standard Pangeo slide deck? (Dask does this at Alternatively, does someone have a standard deck that they wouldn’t mind me stealing a few slides from?



I just published one my most recent decks here:

I’m not sure it’s downloadable so also emailed.

Thanks Ryan!

I do recommend that we consider publishing a standard “what is Pangeo” deck somewhere and host it at . I’ve found to be very valuable for when people have to give quick presentations at the drop of a hat.


This is a very timely thread, as I will be giving an overview talk about Pangeo at an AGU Fall Meeting workshop in a few days. Thanks @rabernat for sharing your slides here!

I also wanted to point out that there is an existing GitHub repo for sharing Pangeo presentations. There is a list of slides and videos on the wiki: Slides · pangeo-data/pangeo-presentations Wiki · GitHub. I took the liberty of adding @rabernat’s slides there.