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Pythia Cook-off: Hacking Together Cookbooks for Pangeo

Information and sign-up online at

June 20-23
Hybrid remote via Zoom and in-person in Boulder, CO

Project Pythia invites you to its first ever Summer Pythia Cook-off: Hacking Together Cookbooks for Pangeo, a synchronous hybrid hackathon June 20-23, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado, US.

For the most up-to-date information, including travel and lodging, and to sign up, head to The deadline to sign up is 12 May 2023.

Goals for the 2023 hackathon

  • Developing, enhancing, and sharing reproducible scientific content through Cookbooks
  • Providing a cooperative and engaging hackathon experience to participants, new and experienced
  • Creating collaborative connections among participants through group-focused hacking and networking
  • Entraining a diverse group of new contributors into the Pangeo open science community
  • Ensuring each participant leaves the event with a persistent and citable contribution
  • Setting the Pythia Cookbook initiative on a sustainable and growing trajectory

Who is this event for?

You! The person who will gain the most from this event is already comfortable with the basics of Geoscientific Python and has already been thinking about sharing workflows in Python for data acquisition and handling, scientific analysis, and/or visualization. If you have a collection of existing notebook(s) from scientific exploration, teaching a course, writing a paper, or anywhere else you find notebooks lying around, and you want help in making them usable and available to others–even better! Is this required? Absolutely not.

What is a Cookbook?

Cookbooks are Jupyter Books bundled together with enhanced support FAIR principles via GitHub and BinderHub for sharing and reproducing workflows. These Cookbooks are designed to rely on each other and the Pythia Foundations such that unique scientific workflows and educational material can be pieced together across a variety of Cookbooks.

What do I need to participate?

Yourself, your interests, and your computer! Oh, and a free GitHub account. Ensure some familiarity with the basics of Geoscientific Python. Having some existing code, Jupyter Notebook(s), or workflow ideas will make for a smoother start, but is not required!

Consider participating by signing up to facilitate a breakout group! If you indicate this in the sign-up form, we may reach out to you to lead a group in developing or enhancing one or more Cookbooks centered around some of your ideas. We will follow-up with any specific needs breakout facilitators might need for participation after selection. We need excited breakout leaders both in-person and remote.

Sign up by 12 May 2023 at!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply below or email us at


The deadline to sign up for in-person or virtual participation is extended to Friday, 2 June 2023!

If you’ve already signed up, you’ll receive more updates from us via email soon! If you still need to reserve a hotel room at the UCAR|NCAR group rate (with shuttle to Mesa Lab), do so by Wednesday, 24 May 2023 at the travel page on the Cook-off website.