Questions about Pangeo Forge data in "swot adac ogcms"


First, thanks very much for developing Pangeo and Pangeo Forge. Then, thanks for great opening science of the community.

I recently read the nice paper:T. Uchida et al., “Cloud-based framework for inter-comparing submesoscale-permitting realistic ocean models,” Geosci. Model Dev., vol. 15, no. 14, pp. 5829–5856, Jul. 2022, doi: 10.5194/gmd-15-5829-2022.

Thank the authors for opening the codes, giving one best example for learning the Pangeo Forge.

I meet some questions about loading data when run some of the Jupyter book.

The intake_demo.ipynb works with good with no error report. The ds = cat[item](**params).to_dask() can load the data well. The nice figures could be plotted.

But, in the other notebooks, I find authors use the code like:

w_path = f'{SCRATCH}/region01/HYCOM50/'+f'sigma0_fma.zarr'
sig0w = xr.open_zarr(gcs.get_mapper(w_path)).sig0.chunk({'lat':100,'lon':100})


fio01grid = xr.open_zarr(gcs.get_mapper(f"gcs://meom-ige-scratch/roxyboy/region01/FIO-COM32/grid.zarr"))

Then, these codes give errors:

group not found at path ''


Forbidden: does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

So, what is reason for these error messages? Forgive me for my limited knowledge of the Pangeo Forge and Google Cloud.

And, what is the difference between cat.to_disk and the xr.open_zarr(gcs.get_mapper())? Why not use the cat.to_disk in all the codes, since it has been used in many Pangeo examples?


Thanks for your question! Takaya (the creator of these examples) is not on this forum, so is unlikely to respond here. I would open an issue to report your errors at

Most likely it is a credentials issue.

Thanks. Hope Takaya can see that issue.