Opening cloud data without using intake

This syntax doesn’t appear to work any more:

import xarray as xr
import fsspec
ds = xr.open_zarr(fsspec.get_mapper('gs://pangeo-ldeo-mitgcm/channel_floats/channel_float_vars'))

I know the data exists, because I can open it with intake, but how do I open a dataset that’s not in the intake catalog (e.g. gs://argodata/sdl/GLOBAL_ARGO_SDL2000)? Or is this no longer possible?

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The data are now all requester pays. So I think you need to do something like

import gscfs
gcs = gcsfs.GCSFileSystem(requester_pays=True)

Let us know if this works.

Thanks! This works - I will do a PR to update the docs.

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