Introduction to pangeo

Hi everyone.
I’m new to Pangeo.
I tried to run this example, but, when I tried to load data from Pangeo data, I got a value error (ValueError: group not found in the path).
I got this error without making changes to the code.
I tried to change the data source using data source from another examples or change my code using a solution to this problem with GitHub:
but this didn’t solve my problem.

I use python 3.8 on win10

How i can solve this problem?

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Hi @frolui and welcome to Pangeo.

That example is a bit out of date. A more recent one lives here:

Our website is in need of an update!

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Hi @rabernat!
Thank you for solution of my problem.
I tried to run examples from your link, but got this error:
ValueError: Bad Request:
b’User project specified in the request is invalid.’

I think I need to look for some kind of working data source.

This dataset has been moved to “requester pays” mode:

You can access it from or Pangeo binder. If you want to access it from your own environment, you will need to connect it to a Google Cloud project in order to pay the egress fees.

Hi @rabernat!
Thank you for your answer.