Seeking recommendation for a Pangeo tutorial for uncommitted newbies

We developed a primer to help Earth science researchers get onto the (AWS) cloud. Now I am looking for a Pangeo step-by-step tutorial for established researchers that are total newbies to Pangeo (and even the nuances of pandas and numpy). The learning curve should be shallow, because they may not have mentally committed to learning Pangeo yet, vs. all the other resources out there. It’s more of a “show-me-how-easy-this-is-to-learn-and-do”, so that they will then make that commitment.

I’ve poked around some of the tutorials, but can’t decide which is the closest to what I am looking for. What do you all suggest?

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It’s a great question without a simple answer! The problem is that our tech, and our mechanisms for sharing content, are under constant flux.

Our goal is to have such content live in Pangeo Gallery. I would recommend starting with this:

That tutorial does not contain anything cloud-specific. It’s just vanilla Xarray / Dask / Geopandas / Intake stuff.

The next step would be to try a gallery that uses some cloud data and cloud-based dask clusters, such as

I also note that there will be a long-form Xarray Tutorial at SciPy next week. That material could also be useful and lives here:

Somehow missed the pangeo-tutorial-gallery, thanks, that looks very useful! I think I can put together some scaffolding by linking tutorials in the right order with some context…

That would be very helpful, not just to your group but to anyone trying to navigate our chaotic web of examples.

Perhaps I could convince you to share whatever scaffolding you come up with to our main pangeo website. This would make a great standalone page. The website is maintained via this repo:

I encourage you to follow up there via an issue / pull request if you can.