Pangeo 101 for everyone: Pangeo will take part to a worldwide online training event - 14-18 March 2022

We are aiming to contribute to a world-wide online training event called GTN Smörgåsbord 2: 14-18 March and have started to prepare some training material for “novices” (introduction to Pangeo ecosystem and xarray for novices). This training event will bring the Galaxy Community, the Carpentries and hopefuly Pangeo Community.

It is free and open to everyone and we will be using the Galaxy Infrastructure Training as a service.

The training material is under construction and we would love to get reviews/contributors:

We need in January and February 2022:

  • contributors to slides and tutorials;
  • reviewers to go through the slides and try out the tutorials;
  • Creation of videos (showing/explaining how to go through the training material);

During the event e.g. 14-18 March 2022:

  • Check the slack channel of the event and answer any potential questions during the event

If you are willing to contribute:


This is fantastic Annie! Thanks for much for leading this effort. Do you know if there is a registration deadline?

We can publicize this heavily through Pangeo twitter.

The registration is already open but there is no registration deadline. Anyone can join until and even during the event.

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