Postdoctoral researcher at NCAR: Carbon cycle, aircraft observations & Earth system modeling

The Postdoctoral Fellow will join a highly dynamic group of researchers in the Oceanography Section of the Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Laboratory at NCAR and collaborate extensively with colleagues in the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) and Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL). The position will focus on developing improved constraints on the global carbon cycle, focusing on the application of cutting-edge Earth system models, data assimilation and novel observations. Candidates with strong backgrounds in any of these disciplines are encouraged to apply, with the expectation that they will develop new connections and expertise through cross-disciplinary collaborations.

A particular focus will be the interpretation of atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements from the Southern Ocean Carbon Gas Observatory (SCARGO) project, which aims to collect CO2 observations on the LC-130 cargo planes servicing McMurdo Station and the South Pole Observatory, Antarctica. It is possible that the postdoc will have an opportunity to deploy to McMurdo for a portion of the summer field season.

The position is expected to contribute and benefit from the growing Earth System Data Science community at NCAR and beyond, including through involvement in open source software projects, discussions on development activities, and interfacing with external communities, such as Pangeo. The position will have substantial flexibility for creative, exploratory research and opportunities to contribute to critical, societally-relevant, actionable science objectives.

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