Associate Scientist position at NCAR

We are hiring an Associate Scientist (AS) at NCAR. This is a great opportunity for someone technically adept with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, including those eventually considering graduate school.

The position is in the Oceanography Section of the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory at NCAR and will focus on data-intensive approaches to Earth system science. The successful candidate will make contributions to open-source software frameworks supporting flexible, performant, scalable analysis workflows—particularly those centered on the use of the Community Earth System Model—and engage in educational activities through Project Pythia ( The position is expected to contribute and benefit from the growing Earth System Data Science community at NCAR and beyond, including through involvement in on-going educational initiatives, open source software projects, discussions on development activities, and interfacing with the broader community, such as Pangeo.

To apply: Workday

Feel free to reach out to me with questions!


Hello @matt-long! Is this position open only for US citizens?

@swarnaleem, no citizenship is not a requirement, but I am not able to provide substantial visa support.