Postdoc opportunity: Carbon cycle and Earth system modeling

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research to conduct carbon cycle research using a combination of observations and models.

Use a combination of numerical models and observational data to constrain the global carbon cycle. Deploy Earth system and atmospheric transport models in concert with data assimilation and statistical techniques to advance understanding, state estimation, and prediction of variations in surface CO2 fluxes. Conduct analysis and interpretation of aircraft data collected as part of the Southern Ocean Carbon Gas Observatory (SCARGO) project. SCARGO is an NSF-funded project to collect repeat airborne CO2 transects between Christchurch, NZ and South Pole to constrain surface fluxes.


  • Develop novel configurations of the Community Earth System Model suitable for supporting and assimilating atmospheric CO2 observations.
  • Conduct analysis and develop interpretations of datasets from SCARGO and related field campaigns using a combination of numerical tools.
  • Construct reproducible scientific workflows for integration and analysis of models and observations relevant to carbon cycle science.

To apply: Workday

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