Pangeo Showcase: "The Hydro-Terrestrial Earth System Testbed (HyTEST)"

Title: “The Hydro-Terrestrial Earth System Testbed (HyTEST)”
Invited Speaker: Amelia Snyder (ORCID: 0000-0002-3036-7247), Roland Viger (ORCID:0000-0003-2520-714X), Rich Signell (ORCID:0000-0003-0682-9613), Sydney Foks (ORCID:0000-0002-7668-9735), Tim Hodson (ORCID:0000-0003-0962-5130), Gene Trantham, Andrew Laws (ORCID:0009-0001-6928-8335), Parker Norton (ORCID:0000-0002-4638-2601)
When: Wednesday Oct 25, 4PM EDT
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
HyTEST (Hydro-Terrestrial Earth Systems Testbed) is a multi-year project led by USGS’s Water Mission Area that is aimed at modernizing hydrologic modeling workflows. The project’s goal is to support both research and operational modelers with an end-to-end open-source, scalable modeling framework. HyTEST aims to implement an approach that addresses the needs of hydrologic modelers related to data storage and delivery, computing infrastructure, tools for data processing and analysis, model evaluation approaches, and training/education. For each of these components, we seek out community-adopted standards, tools, and approaches (such as those promoted by the Pangeo community) that are accessible to any modeler who has funds or cloud credits. We have published a JupyterBook that documents our approaches and how to implement them, and our team actively updates this resource as new data/tools/computing environments are successfully deployed by our team.

  • 20 minutes - Community Showcase
  • 40 minutes - Showcase discussion/Community check-ins