Pangeo Showcase: "Accelerating Science with Open Source – An Introduction to Open-Source Science (OSSci)"

Title: “Accelerating Science with Open Source – An Introduction to Open-Source Science (OSSci)”
Invited Speaker: Tim Bonnemann (ORCID: 0009-0002-9686-2686)
When: Wednesday Nov 8, 4PM EST
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
The world is facing many pressing challenges (e.g., climate change, transition to green energy, feeding the planet). We need more, better, and faster science. We know that software can accelerate science and that open source can accelerate software. However, when it comes to open source in science, there are many issues that prevent it from reaching its full potential. Without a much more robust infrastructure for open source in science, an infrastructure that works for the scientists in particular, progress towards tackling our pressing challenges will take that much longer and be more costly. Open-Source Science (OSSci) aims to improve the ways open source in science gets done. OSSci connects scientists, OSS developers, and other stakeholder to share best practices, identify common pain points, and explore solutions together.

  • 20 minutes - Community Showcase
  • 40 minutes - Showcase discussion/Community check-ins

Looking forward to it!

Can’t make it but I’m interested. Will a recording be available?

@ejlevine , yes, the recording will be available and will appear both at the top of the post here, and at on the Pangeo Showcase Youtube Playlist.
Should happen within the next few days I think.

Hi Rich,

I looked in but all I could find was a link to this conversation:

I looked in the Pangeo YouTube channel but I didn’t see the recording.

What am I missing?


I believe we are waiting for @paigem to upload the video from her computer.
Please let me know Paige if it’s somewhere I can grab it.

Yes, this is on me at the moment! I’ll upload later today - apologies for the delay!

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@rsignell I’ve uploaded the recording at this link. I can’t edit your post to add the video at the top of this thread - are you able to do that? Thanks and sorry for the delay!

Got it, thanks!

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