Open Source Science Initiative (OSSci): Feb 16 meetup at UCSC + remote


@paigem kindly offered I could share this event here…

The Open Source Science Initiative (OSSci) is a new effort to improve the use, development, sustainability, funding, etc., of open-source software in the scientific sector in order to help accelerate research and discovery. OSSci was announced at SciPy 2022, and a first few working groups are currently getting under way.

We are hosting our first community event on February 16 at UC Santa Cruz. Our panel will discuss how we can “increase research impact through Open Source and Open Data.”

Please join us in person or tune in via Zoom:

We are actively looking for collaborators and partners as we grow our network. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please get in touch.



Thanks for sharing @tbonnema, and welcome to the Pangeo Discourse! I am very impressed with what I’ve seen on OSSci so far, and I think there will be a lot of crossover interest here in Pangeo!


Thanks, appreciate your help!

This is happening tonight! For those unable to attend, we hope to share the recording of the panel discussion along with a summary of key insights on the OSSci Medium within days following the event.

For anyone who was unable to join, the follow-up post is now available (incl. full video recording):

Recap OSSci Meetup, February 16 at UC Santa Cruz: “Increasing Research Impact Through Open Source and Open Data”

Have a great weekend!