AGU Session seeking abstracts: Open Science Success Stories

Hi all,

@paigem, Chris Erdmann and I are convening an AGU education session:

ED024 - Open Science Practices and Success Stories Across the Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences

Open science communities are pushing the boundaries of how we approach scientific research. With advancements in computing, software, and data management, the tools are available to transform science into a truly open, collaborative, and inclusive space. By following open science practices, we can increase accessibility of scientific research and findings, improve collaboration, and facilitate high quality, reproducible science.

This session will showcase success stories in the Earth and space sciences and highlight a range of open science platforms, datasets, and computational tools. Join this session for real-world examples of how open science practices have empowered and enabled scientists across disciplines to carry out successful research projects.

Abstracts are due on 3 August (23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT). Please share to other communities that may be interested!