Pangeo Forge Working Group and Coordination Meetings

This working group is to centralize general discussions around Pangeo Forge. Feel free to post general questions and discussion about the project.

Bi-Weekly Meeting

The Pangeo Forge coordination meeting scheduled for Monday October 10 is cancelled due to the holiday. We will resume again on Oct 24.

A reminder that the Pangeo Forge working group is meeting tomorrow, Oct. 24, at 2pm ET.

A question for the Pangeo Forge regulars - do we have appetite for a meeting on Monday, Jan 2? This is technically a holiday. But there has been some major progress recently, and it would be a shame to wait until mid month.

Who would be willing to meet?


Yes I’d be available to meet.

I won’t be able to make the Jan 2 meeting, but will definitely be there for Jan 16.


Realizing rather late on a Friday that here in the US Monday Jan 16th is yet again a holiday.

Because I have not heard otherwise I will assume at least some are available to meet (@dgocallaghan for sure!) and I’ll plan to be there.

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Hi folks, unfortunately I won’t be able to make today’s meeting. I created a couple of issues last week and plan to work on those in the next few days.

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