Paleoclimate Hackathon Oct 28-29 2021

Dear colleagues,

We wish to invite you to the second paleoclimate hackathon, PaleoHack, to be held virtually Oct 28-29 2021.

PaloHack is a free, virtual event organized by LinkedEarth, supported by the US National Science Foundation, aiming to build capacity in the analysis of paleoclimate timeseries. PaleoHack leverages the emerging data standard LiPD (Linked Paleo Data) and associated software ecosystem in Python. The event is aimed at early-career researchers, but we welcome participants of all career stages within the limits of available seats (50, with priority given to US-based participants because of our funding source).

By the end of the hackathon, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of paleo data structures

  • Manipulate these structures

  • Understand age model ensembles

  • Process paleo timeseries for analysis (e.g., binning, interpolation, detrending)

  • Apply spectral and wavelet analysis, with appropriate uncertainty quantification

  • Correlate a paleo timeseries to a climate field

  • Compare a paleo timeseries to climate simulations and reanalysis datasets

  • Generate publication-quality graphics

More details, including registration information, are available at

We would be grateful if you could encourage your students/labmates to register and/or spread the word.


Deborah, on behalf of LinkedEarth