Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 - Sessions of interest to the Pangeo community! (Abstracts due TOMORROW, Sep. 13th!)

The abstract deadline for the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting is tomorrow - 13 September 2023 @ 11:59pm US Eastern Time, and there are some great sessions that may be of interest to the Pangeo community! I’ll list a few I’m involved with, but please feel free to include other relevant sessions in this thread!

DO011 - Ocean Data Pipelines: From Ship to Shore to Insight
Increasing data volumes and the proliferation of ocean-based data collection platforms necessitate the development of efficient data pipelines allowing for real-time and long-term data management and access. In addition, many subfields of oceanography and marine science demand extracting insights from datasets of ever-increasing size, complexity, and variety. As data flows from various sources, ensuring data integrity, traceability, and accountability becomes paramount. This requires specially-designed tools and infrastructure to ensure integrity, traceability, and accountability across the data pipeline. This session invites topics on data lineage, governance, pipeline structure, real-time access, edge computing, open-source community collaboration, and cloud infrastructure. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of tools, processes, and software solutions to optimize the management and utilization of oceanic data pipelines. We encourage presenters to highlight trends, challenges, and opportunities for cross-sector open-source collaborations. Submissions are encouraged across academia, government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to showcase emerging technologies, tools, software, and workflows being used in data-intensive ocean science research.

DO006 - Enabling Open Ocean Data: Advances, Challenges and Impact
Access to open data benefits the scientific community, private industry, and society. With so many demands on researchers’ time and leadership opportunities often tied to peer-reviewed publications and external funding, data sharing is often neglected and not a priority. With so much data to be shared, opportunities remain for increasing the availability and usability of interdisciplinary oceanographic data and information products. The proposed session explores the advances and challenges in enabling the sharing and use of open ocean data for scientific research, development, and decision-making processes. It will focus on the advancements in data/metadata formats, challenges of long-term data sharing, and the implementation of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles. The session will also present tools and ideas that enhance data discoverability, promote interoperability, and facilitate better sharing and reusability for inclusive stakeholder engagement. Additionally, the session will showcase projects that have successfully shared and/or utilized open ocean data, emphasizing its impact on the ocean community.

ED014 - Ocean Capacity Building at All Sizes: From One-on-One Mentoring to Industries at Scale
Oceanography is a global science, with the majority of the world’s population living at or near coasts. As the ocean adjusts to changes in our climate system, there are many ocean-related risks that may impact lives and livelihoods across the globe, including sea level rise, ocean acidification, marine-based food security, and changing ocean currents. Mitigation and adaptation strategies are informed by ocean science, and there is an urgent need to increase access to knowledge and resources across global communities so that we can all better prepare for these changes.

  • In this session, we invite submissions on efforts to develop capacity in ocean sciences across the globe, with a non-exhaustive list including: short form training programs to increase computational skills in ocean sciences, nonprofits focused on community engagement, and increasing ocean literacy among the public to raise awareness and mitigate ocean risks.
  • We also welcome submissions on public-private partnerships in all forms including in-progress and successful funding calls, companies building the tools for tomorrow, and more.
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