November 10, 2021: Introducing Project Raijin Community Geoscience Analysis Tools for Unstructured Mesh Data


Pangeo Showcase talk by John Clyne, Orhan Eroglu, Brian Medeiros, and Colin Zarzycki, NCAR


John Clyne is a Senior Software Engineer in NCAR’s Computational and Information Systems Lab, where he leads the Visualization and Analysis Software Technologies section.


Project Raijin is an NSF EarthCube-funded effort whose goal is to develop community-owned tools that facilitate operating on unstructured climate and global weather data. We plan to: (1) develop extensible, scalable tools supporting fundamental analysis and visualization methods capable of operating directly (without resampling) on unstructured grid model outputs at global storm resolving resolutions; and (2) establish an active, vibrant community of user-contributors, committed to extending our work beyond the scope of this NSF award.

The primary environment for Project Raijin is the Scientific Python Ecosystem. We will leverage, in particular, the open development Xarray and Dask packages, and the Pangeo community. This presentation will provide an overview of Project Raijin, and discuss how you can get involved.