Internship Projects

It is time here at NCAR to propose SIParCS projects for the summer of 2021. During some of the Pangeo meetings we discussed creating a Pangeo internship program. This is a good opportunity to make use of internship programs already in place with similar goals, so this year I would like to propose a Pangeo related project.

I am awaiting confirmation on whether or not we can have remote co-mentors from outside of NCAR (this has not been done before). Given the success of this summer’s remote internships, I’m sure we can work remotely in some capacity.

Let me know if you have any ideas that would be appropriate for an undergrad or graduate student to complete over the course of ~2 months and how involved, if at all, you would like to be throughout the process.

Proposals are due early October. Thank you!


In place of @jukent, I just wanted to follow up with you all. As long as the project main mentor is an NCAR staff member, the co-mentor can be remote (i.e., anyone from the Pangeo community).

This is a funded internship program! So, please spread the word to the rest of the Pangeo community. If you are willing to be a co-mentor, please feel free to share your project ideas here.

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Thanks @jukent for sharing this cool opportunity!

We have been brainstorming some project ideas here:

Sounds like the next step is for the mentors to propose their specific projects via the site you linked too. It’s awesome to see this effort coming together!


Thanks @kmpaul . That is good news!

@rabernat I think for this internship, ideas should be proposed to Kevin or myself since we will be the NCAR mentors, and we will write up the official proposal to send into SCIParCS. I will take a look at those project ideas!