Integrated Marine Observing System EOI help

Hi All,

@pbranson and I recently put in for a tech proving grant to work on Notebook uptake by diverse stakeholders to enable analysis of IMOS data It looks like this is going to the next level so I’m keen to hear about effort particularly to link biology to oceanography also experiences on the best ways to engage with skeptical notebook users! along with methods for measuring outcomes.


Hi @NickMortimer and thanks for your post!

I read you post carefully, and I must admit that I’m not sure precisely what kind of help or feedback you’re looking for here. Could you try to be a bit more specific?

Thanks Ryan,

To explain more:

  1. What strategies do people consider most effective for encouraging users to take up pangeo environment? for example 1/2 day short course or 3 day extensive course?
  2. What’s most effective for engagement, e.g. hackathon, workshop, tutorial?
  3. How can you measure user outcomes (I know you had a survey recently)
  4. Best way to publicize outcomes (Medium blog posts?)
  5. How do you assess the level of potential users and the required training?