In NYC? Join our OSSci 6/22 meetup

We’re co-hosting a meetup tomorrow, June 22, together with the PyData NYC team: Accelerating Science with Open Source, sponsored by OSSci

Maybe of interest to some here. Please come by if you’re in the area (registration closes today):

  • Qiskit: a Quantum Information Science Kit (Abby Mitchell, Developer Advocate, IBM Quantum)
  • Xarray-Datatree: Hierarchical Data Structures for Multi-Model Science (Tom Nicholas, Research software engineer at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
  • An Open Source Approach to Improving Global Agriculture Efficiency: The Integrated PyTorch-AgStack Project (Lucy Hyde, Program Manager, Machine Learning at the Linux Foundation)
  • “Beyond just open - Modern science should be creative, fast, and fun for everyone" (Dr. Julius Busecke, Senior Staff Associate, Columbia University)
  • Combining array- and columnar stores for rapid discovery across climate, weather and earth observation data (Johannes Schmude, Research Staff Member, IBM)



That was fun! We expect to have the video recordings available within a few weeks. Thanks to @jbusecke and @TomNicholas for presenting!

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And thanks to @paigem for connecting us, of course.

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