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Data Science Team Lead

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Boston’s Research and Development Team is a mixture of scientists and engineers committed to generating the world’s most valuable weather data, models, and predictions. To serve this purpose, we use a broad variety of approaches and algorithms, from typical Numerical Weather Prediction to Machine Learning modeling. The 1-Forecast (1F) team is our ML team within R&D that focuses on generating data-driven predictions. The 1F team is composed of data scientists and atmospheric scientists who work closely to blend subject matter expertise and state-of-the-science machine learning algorithms and methodologies to make weather and weather related-predictions (e.g., drought, power outages, air quality, etc.).

We’re looking for an experienced Data Science Team Lead with experience working with large high dimensional geospatial time series data, deep learning, building out MLOps, Amazon SageMaker, writing winning proposals, ML hype management, and experience and/or interest in atmospheric science. is committed to delivering value to our customers and we know that approaching these problems with new perspectives is a part of achieving this goal. If solving challenging problems and working at the intersection of physical and data-driven models sounds fun to you, we encourage you to apply.

As a Data Science Team Lead, You’ll:

  • Lead all the aspects of the Data Science Team
  • Set the standard operating procedures for our data science team
  • Work closely with product managers and leadership to design product requirements, set priorities, and balance competing priorities.
  • Leverage distributed computing (e.g. Dask, Apache Beam, etc.) to build and maintain data pipelines that move, transform, and engineer features from terabytes of weather data
  • Develop data-driven models to predict weather and weather-related events at various timescales and spatiotemporal resolution
  • Collaborate with scientists across the organization to help realize the full value of machine learning

What you bring:

  • A strong desire to leverage machine learning to drive innovation in the weather/climate prediction space
  • Extensive experience generating and evaluating statistically reliable probabilistic models using machine learning
  • The capability to guide and support the 1F team as needed in data science and engineering and MLOps
  • 3+ years of experience with modern machine learning algorithms, workflows, and best practices
  • 3+ years of experience with TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Strong communication skills, including presenting and distilling complex topics and findings to diverse stakeholders (non-data scientists)
  • A growth mindset and the willingness to use new tools and challenge existing approaches
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Thanks for sharing! We have been following for a while. This sounds like an amazing opportunity!