AGU’s position statement on government funding of science

Details below. This statement has 3 things the ‘government must’ do, and text supporting these items. There isn’t any mention of open science and the role that it plays in all of the 3 named items. I think we could brainstorm a statement and have all of us submit it individually?

AGU’s position statement on government funding of science was recently updated by an expert task force to reflect the community’s stance on this key issue, as part of the recurring four-year process. The task force relies on comments by members to finalize the draft statement, which is then approved by AGU’s Board and Council. The comment period runs 1-30 June 2021.


I strongly support this idea @cgentemann! While there is mention of “openly disseminating…datasets”, I agree that specific wording about supporting open science should absolutely be included.


Agree! Since open science is more than just open data, it also requires infrastructure, training, and other related resources that all need support from the government (together with other sources like foundations)!

I think we should put into a gdoc & edit to weave open science through it then submit it with as many names as possible attached.

I agree with and would be happy to contribute to these edits (great idea, @cgentemann). @douglasrao, as you’ve noted, the community management component of open science is a huge, often undervalued/undersupported piece of this work.

@cgentemann @paigem @JessicaS11 I have put together a google doc for comments.

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Thanks @douglasrao! I went ahead and added some text/edits (in suggestion mode) to get us started, and would be happy to have a more in-depth conversation about any of this.

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@douglasrao thanks so much, I added some suggestions. I am unable to attend the Pangeo wednesday meetings right now because of a conflict, but do you think maybe we could call for scientists to sign this edited version?