2020 European Pangeo Community Meeting?

Hi everyone

I learned so much from Pangeo European meeting 2019 at Paris.

Who is up to 2020 version of it?


I would be interested in this. Is there an existing organising committee?

I would be interested too.


There is no Official organizing commitee… Tina and I have just exchanged a few emails about this. Anyone who’d like to should feel welcomed to propose something.

We were still thinking to Paris as a good location and because several of us can easily book accommodation here. But any other european capital should do it.

As for the content and duration, everything is open too.


Paris is always a great option.

If folks are possibly interested in holding the community meeting in the UK, I am happy to help with organising in London, Cambridge, or maybe Oxford. We could host it at the British Antarctic Survey, for example. We have a nice new meeting space that would work nicely:


But I will definitely not complain if folks want to stick with Paris!

We could host it at the British Antarctic Survey, for example

How hard is it to go there from London airports?

How hard is it to go there from London airports?

There are direct trains to Cambridge from London Gatwick (~2 hours) and London Stansted (~30-45 minutes). Traveling to Cambridge from London Heathrow is a little harder, as you have to change at Kings Cross. That journey can take a couple hours.

Personnaly I’d like some place closer to airports. I think that as previous year we need to make a poll for determining location, date and content!

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Sure, that makes sense. I can also book some meeting rooms in London at no cost, but they tend to fill up quickly. It sounds like you already have some options that could work though. : )

If folks would be interested I could be the facilitator to guest the event at Join Research Center of the European Commission in Ispra. To start the proposal I need to know, more or less, how many people are supposed to come and if the guesting place has to provide just the infrastructure or something more (like from a financial point of view); once I have the interest of the community and the numbers then I’ve find an internal functioner to sponsorship the event.
About the logistic: airport Malpensa is quite close and usually, there are shuttles organized from JRC; hotels are not a problem here around as they are used to JRC’s meetings.
For those interested to visit Milan is reachable in an hour but is a little bit tricky as there are not so many transport connections.
Perhaps, the main constraint that I would think, is timing as all the approval requires a lot of time.

Hey, we should move forward on this subject!

Thanks @PhenoloBoy for your proposition. When you say

Perhaps, the main constraint that I would think, is timing as all the approval requires a lot of time.

Is it compatible with a event in may or june?

First thing we should do is set up a poll like last time (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeaBMdbteOi0yMKb6xXnebGTCwlo4pjXRFDvGvVWFNNmTzDkg/viewform). Maybe we should do something less detailed, what we want is some estimation of the number of interested persons, and what they want to do (information, coding sessions, discussions…). Is someone motivated to work on this?

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As discussed with @tinaok last week in Brest, @auraoupa and I would be happy to participate and contribute to this meeting.

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hi guillaume, I can update that google sheet and take a poll.

There would also be between 1 and 3 people from Geomar, Kiel, Germany.

here is the questions for polls that I can think of, do you have other suggestions?

list of current propositions are
paris (CNES @geynard have same free room as last year for xx person, ),
UK( @Dan_Jones 's proposition London and Cambridge Oxford. )
ISPARA(@PhenoloBoy time for approval requires)
Brest (if some people are interested @tinaok can check a free meeting room is available or not )

time: Mai, June ?
Duration: 1, 1.5 days, 2 days, ?
Discussion: topics of talks you want to hear? :
you wish to take tutorial? if yes what kind of topics?;
you wish to attend code sprint? if yes suggest topics of code sprint :

For June I wouldn’t see too many problems as someone has told me that, if there aren’t too complex requests, that takes hypothetically 3 months to go all through the loop of authorization. I would consider June instead of May just to be on the safe side. Having more details about the numbers and a sort of “manifesto” of the event would be perfect to start the conversation with the hierarchy.
Meanwhile, I’ll start to concretely look for a functioner to actively make the proposal but I’m feeling positive as the first informal proposal has been positively accepted.

Hi everyone,

with the help of @geynard I updated the poll from 2019, here is the 2020 version;
Please fill in :wink:

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Looks good. Is this ready to be distributed?

Remark: I’m not sure I understand the Motivation 1-3 scale. Could this be reworded to “high, medium, low”?

Hi ,

Motivation scale updated!

Any other comments everyone?