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I’m trying to submit a new cookbook as per the guide here. However, I’m confused about how to merge my repo. Section 3.1 says to create a new branch (which I’ve done), and Section 3.7 says to submit a merge request, but it is not clear to me what I’m merging or where I’m merging it to. Am I merging my branch to my fork’s main? My branch to Pythia’s main? I’m really lost on this.

Hi Chris,

If you’re following the workflow in that guide, I think the answer is that step 3.7 is merging your new feature branch into your main branch, because at this point in the process there is no Pythia fork of your repo.

Basically step 3 is just encouraging you to use branches within your own repo to do all development work, rather than editing directly on main. I think point here (which needs to be clarified in that guide) is that you should see the preview automation when you open the PR from your branch to your main.

Once you transfer the repo to Pythia org in step 4, the workflow to make changes looks slightly different since you’d be open a PR from your branch of your personal fork to main branch of Pythia repo.

Does this clarify things?

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I see that @dcamron is also on this issue over at Update Gallery with xbatcher ML Cookbook · Issue #119 · ProjectPythia/cookbook-gallery · GitHub

Ah, okay, that wasn’t clear to me. I was trying to follow everything verbatim, so it was also a headscratcher to create a new branch after I made some changes on main already. I was thinking there was some Pythia magic I wasn’t aware of lol

One thing I discovered though is that if you try to make a PR before transferring ownership, the link checker will fail because it’s expecting to find a ProjectPythia repo instead of a user repo. I found that it made more sense to transfer owndership before I merged.

Thanks for the help!

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We are definitely still figuring out the whole process, so thanks for pointing out your pain points so we try to clarify the docs!