Generating Zenodo DOI for Pythia Cookbook

I’m working on the final steps of submitting a Pythia cookbook to the gallery, and am having an issue with generating a DOI with Zenodo. I’ve already been added as a member of the Pythia organization and transferred my cookbook to the organization. However, the repo isn’t showing up in my list of repositories on Zenodo, even though Github says I have Zenodo OAuth access to the Project Pythia organization enabled, and I see repos through other organizations showing up in the list. Any advice on troubleshooting this?

I struggled with the same issue recently. I think the syncing of repos from GitHub to Zenodo can be buggy, and it is frustrating. If I remember correctly, in my case logging out and back in to Zenodo and then re-syncing to GitHub resolved the issue.

Hopefully someone else has a wiser and more informed solution!

I tried this a few times and it didn’t seem to work. I’d be surprised if this were the case since it works for other repos, but are the settings of the Pythia organization set up correctly? I don’t have the permissions to check myself.

Do you have admin permissions on the repo now that it’s been transferred to Project Pythia?

I have no idea if that’s the issue, but I was looking into what permissions were required to generate a Zenodo DOI for a repo (for another reason) and this was mentioned here: FAQ | Zenodo

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I don’t think I do - that might be the problem. Would somebody from the Pythia team be able to give me admin privileges on this repo?

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@rmshkv I just took care of this. Let us know if that solves the Zenodo problem!

@brian-rose That fixed it! Thanks so much for the help.

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Good to know! Looks like we need to clarify this in the cookbook guide.

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