Ready to transfer cookbook draft to Pythia. Could I get added as outside collaborator?

Hey there owners and members of Pythia. I am drafting a cookbook demonstrating the use of Landsat data in a simple machine-learning workflow. The cookbook is an updated and enhanced version of the EarthML tutorial by the HoloViz group, which I am a part of.

I am following your contributing instructions and I’m at the part that says “Contact an owner of ProjectPythiaCookbooks to be added as an outside collaborator. Then transfer to ProjectPythiaCookbooks”. So could I please be added?

I thought that this method of contact would be the least invasive, but let me know if such requests are better communicated in another way.

Thank you!
-Demetris (@droumis)


Awesome! To be honest we are still figuring out the contribution workflow, so please bear with us as we use your new cookbook as another test case! It’s possible that we may need to update that contributors guide to reflect some recent changes in our GitHub organization structure.

It’s also possible that you might need to transfer ownership of the repo to the ProjectPythia org first before we can add you as outside collaborator on the repo. Stay tuned, we’ll get back to you.

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Hi @Demetris, I think the following will work to get your cookbook added:

  1. I’ll add you as a member to the ProjectPythia GitHub org
  2. You can then transfer the cookbook repository to the ProjectPythia org
  3. I’ll convert you to an outside collaborator, so you can still have write access to your cookbook

This is just a temporary solution while we figure out how to organize members/teams for cookbook contributors on GitHub. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi @r-ford, sounds good! I’ll let you know if any questions come up. Thank you