Wednesday October 12th 2022: My ERA5 Journey: From API-to-ARCO


Pangeo Showcase talk by Rich Signell, USGS

Rich Signell is a Research Oceanographer at the USGS.
Although some ERA5 data is already accessible from object storage, much is not, and must be obtained via their API. This talk chronicles my journey to use the API to access ERA5-Land data (snow depth and soil moisture) and create a cloud-optimized dataset using Dask, Xarray, Xbitinfo, Kerchunk, and Intake.
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Hi, was this recorded?

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It was. Once that’s processed this showcase (and all the archives) have a Zenodo link which includes slides and recordings (usually ~1 day lag). Once I figure out how to get on Youtube I’ll get my backlog of recordings (Peter, Leah, and Rich) uploaded into the showcase playlist as well.

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Ah, great. Thanks so much!

@stb2145, I’ve modified the item info above to include the recording…


Perfect, thank you for the follow up!