Wednesday March 22nd: SOSA: The Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack

Join us next Wednesday, March 22nd, as the community meeting welcome James Bednar back to the Showcase to talk about Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack!

Title: SOSA: The Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack
Invited Speaker: James A. Bednar at Anaconda, Inc. (twitter: @JamesABednar | ORCID ID:0000-0002-8786-7939) and Martin Durant
When: Wednesday, March 22nd 12PM EDT
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Are you inspired by the geoscience software stack and want to help spread it to adjacent (or even far distant) areas of science? Tell them about SOSA: The Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack. Most of the core tools used in Pangeo are completely general, by design, and together the domain-independent tools form a complete, flexible, and high-performance stack ready for doing science, engineering, and analysis at any scale from a laptop to a supercomputer. Here I will introduce the idea of SOSA, talk about the tools that make it up, and list 11 different characteristics of SOSA tools that make them good building blocks for constructing any scientific stack. Let’s get the whole world of science on board with the core of Pangeo, so that these tools can be even more well supported and shared universally!
Relevant material:
SOSA: The Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack - Google Slides

  • 5-15 minutes - Community showcase
  • 5-15 minutes - Q&A / Community check-in
  • 20-35 minutes - Agenda and Open discussion

Hi @JimColl ! Can you refer me to the recording of the SOSA talk?

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I’m still hunting down recordings (everything I have has been updated on the showcase archive page and showcase playlist), but I’ll make sure to make some noise when this newest set drop!

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This recording was just posted! SOSA: The Scalable Open-Source Analysis Stack - YouTube

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