Wednesday April 12th: Climatematch Academy: From Data to Action

Come to the Pangeo community meeting April 12th to catch a Climatematch Academy showcase by @abodner!

Title: Climatematch Academy: From Data to Action
Invited Speaker: Abigail Bodner at NYU/ClimateMatch Academy (ORCID ID:0000-0003-1333-2840)

When: Wednesday, April 12th at 4PM EDT
Where: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Climatematch Academy is launching its first course on July 17-28, 2023: Computational Tools for Climate Science. We are a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science. Climatematch Academy strives to create a global and diverse climate sciences community, trained on cutting edge techniques to access and analyze open-source modeled and observational climate data. Climatematch Academy is a community driven initiative built with loving care by a large team of volunteers from all over the world! We feel strongly connected and inspired by the Pangeo community, with Xarray tools and cloud-based data playing a central role in our content. In this presentation, I will discuss our vision, highlight some of our recent achievements, layout where we are going over the next few months, and how YOU can get more involved.

Relevant material:


  • 5-15 minutes - Community showcase
  • 5-15 minutes - Q&A / Community check-in
  • 20-35 minutes - Agenda and Open discussion