Save the Date: Climatematch Academy coming July 17th-28th 2023!

Dear Colleagues,

Climatematch Academy (CMA) is a 2-week virtual program, in collaboration with Neuromatch Academy, aimed at growing and empowering the global community of climate scientists. Come join our innovative online program to learn cutting-edge methods from leading experts, implement them in guided Python tutorials, and collaborate on team projects using real-world data relevant to the social and environmental impacts of climate change.

Are you interested in:

  • learning about the climate and how it is changing?
  • acquiring computational skills to access, analyze, and interpret climate data?
  • understanding the broader impacts of climate change and developing a vision for how you can make a difference?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then CMA is for you! CMA explores the past, present, and future climate, addressing terrestrial, atmospheric, and oceanic components, while highlighting principles of equitable research practice. We are seeking global participants, and encourage all applications.

Save the Date: CMA runs July 17th-28th 2023.

Want to apply as a student or as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for our course? Applications open March 2023. CMA charges low, regionally adjusted tuition fees, and offers tuition waivers when needed without impact on admission. TAs will receive fair compensation for their work. Visit the CMA 2023 website and FAQs for more information, and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed.

Want to join our team? We are always seeking more volunteers to help create the best course possible. There are a variety of opportunities available, from supporting curriculum and project development, to spreading the word about CMA. No background in climate science or python is needed! Our volunteer form can be found on our website.

All the best,

The Climatematch Academy Team!