Applications for Climatematch Academy 2023 are open!

Pangeo members in particular would make excellent (paid!) teaching assistants.

Dear Colleagues,

Climatematch Academy is excited to announce that applications are now open for “Computational Tools for Climate Science”! This two-week virtual program, in collaboration with Neuromatch Academy, will run from July 17 to July 28, 2023.

Applications close April 24th. Please visit our website to apply.

At Climatematch Academy, our mission is to foster the growth and empowerment of climate scientists worldwide. We are thrilled to share that we have recently been selected as part of the NASA Transform to Open Science Training (TOPS) program, in recognition of our efforts to advance open-science literacy and provide widely accessible open-source climate science curricula and training materials to a diverse group of participants.

Are you interested in learning about the climate system and acquiring computational skills to access, analyze, and visualize climate data? Join Climatematch Academy as a student for our two week virtual program, where you will learn from world-class climate experts and collaborate on team projects with fellow students. Prior experience with climate science is not necessary, however familiarity with a coding language is required. Climatematch Academy will be taught using Python and those familiar with another coding language are encouraged to sign up for our three-day Python pre-course (July 12 to July 14). Climatematch Academy charges low, regionally adjusted tuition fees, and offers tuition waivers when needed without impact on admission.

Do you already have a background in climate science and intermediate python skills? Consider applying to be a Teaching Assistant with Climatematch Academy! You will help guide students through tutorials and projects, and receive fair compensation for your time and effort.

Have you worked for several years in a climate-related field such as industry, academia, government, non-profit, journalism, or science communication? Apply to be a mentor, where you will meet with small groups of students to discuss your career path, share career advice, and provide a networking opportunity.

We are seeking global participants and encouraging all applications. The time to act is now - make a difference by applying today!

All the best,

The Climatematch Academy Team