Two more Atmospheric &/or Thermal Satellite Earth Observation Scientist / Engineer roles at Terrabotics (Remote/International)

Good day Pangeo Community!

I’m very pleased to share another two open positions that we have at Terrabotics for Remote Sensing / Earth Observation scientists and/or engineers specialising in Atmospheric science related to emissions sensing, measurement, and atmospheric modelling.

We have the following two remote international roles now open:

  • Atmospheric Scientist/Engineer [International Remote] [Open]
  • Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Scientist/Engineer [International Remote] [Open]

Please see here for all the opportunities:

We have many other roles open or opening soon that are remote and compatible with European and American time zones.

Please feel free to contact me here or the Terrabotics team to learn more!

About Terrabotics
Terrabotics is a UK based Earth Observation and Remote Sensing data analytics scale-up company with a mission to shine a new light on energy, oil & gas, and metals supply chains with satellite earth observation, remote sensing, and advanced IoT geospatial data analytics.

We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of the World’s most vital natural resources. Through the power of planetary-scale measurements and data analytics we want to drive these industries to operate in a more socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way.

Our clients span major corporates, government bodies, NGO’s, and intergovernmental organisations who care about improving supply chain transparency for natural resources such as energy, metals, forestry, and water.

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