Two new positions at Chloris Geospatial - Data Engineer and Remote Sensing Scientist

Hello all, early-stage startup Chloris Geospatial is looking for a Data Engineer for our engineering team and a Remote Sensing Scientist to join our data science team. Please feel free to reach out to me here or at jarrod [at] chloris [dot] earth with any questions

About Chloris Geospatial

The global economy needs urgently to transition to new models of operation that remove carbon from the atmosphere and preserve and restore natural capital. Chloris Geospatial is an early-stage company developing technology that will transform the way businesses and governments use data about the environment to guide their investment and carbon management decisions.
We use satellite data and artificial intelligence to create products that enable organizations to confidently invest in nature-based solutions, reduce their carbon footprint, and achieve their sustainability goals. We are mission-driven and laser-focused on building best-in-class technology that has a positive impact and is commercially successful.
The founding team has deep experience, and is committed to helping organizations understand their impact and make the decisions that benefit their bottom line and the planet. We seek extraordinary individuals to join our team, help us build our technology stack and commercial product suite, and enable a global revolution.

Remote Sensing Scientist:

Data Engineer:

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Super exciting opportunities Jarrod! Thanks for sharing.

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