The CMIP6 Data for our Hackathon

This topic is for discussing the CMIP6 collection and the various resources for identifying and requesting data for your projects.

Hi all, I am Naomi Henderson (research scientist, LDEO) and I have been putting together our zarr CMIP6 bucket in Google Cloud Storage (GCS). I will get this started by giving a few general tips which should apply to both the NCAR/GLADE and the LDEO/GCS collections.

1. Finding the data you need:

2. Make a request: HERE

  • A data request can be made with a minimum of 3 keywords: experiment_id, table_id, and variable_id.

  • The Google Form which we have put together allows you to specify first a table_id and then select multiple experiment_ids and provide a list of variable_ids.

  • Normally, we would assume you would like all available models, but if you would like specific models, you can select source_ids from a list.

  • Please add comments and questions if the simple form does not quite fit your requirements.


Thanks @naomi for this very useful post!

Thanks, Naomi for the post and collecting CMIP6 data. I am wondering if it is possible to get Observed/reanalysis data for the Hackathon. Era5 will be great as reanalysis data. I am also looking for CMIP5 data to use in the hackathon. However, I wasn’t able to request the CMIP5 data.

When I make a data request, should I include all the variables I want, or just the ones not listed in the “Preliminary contents of our GCS (gs://pangeo-cmip6) bucket” section of the google doc?

Hi @cspencerjones , it is probably better to list all the variables you want - so that the scripts know to automatically update as more datasets become available at ESGF. I am not sure if this is true for the NCAR/GLADE folks, but it is for the LDEO GCS collection. Thanks for the question!

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Thanks all for the valuable resource. Once we’ve made a request, is there any way of knowing if it is being actioned, or being notified when it is?

Hi @AndMei , normally it has been taking just a day or two for requests to be filled, so that feature was not so important, perhaps! The LLNL downloads were not happening for a few days, and now the internet seems very slow (gamers? netflix?). But I should have gotten back to you sooner, sorry. I will email you separately with an update.

It is a great idea to build in automatic updates, though. Would you be willing to open an issue here