About the CMIP6 Hackathon category

Discussion forum for the CMIP6 hackathon. Hackathon participants can use this forum to propose and coordinate projects, discuss data and software tools, and trade tips.

Project proposals should be made in the #cmip6hack:cmip6hack-projects subcategory.

I see a few common questions coming up here which probably need to be pulled out of the individual project pages. @Dhruv Balwada suggests that we discuss on the slack channel: https://cmip6hackers.slack.com/archives/CN97C4QG5/p1568831933003500

  • Should project groups be located at a single site? e.g., see hipalevsky . If so, how do we know which site each of us, especially the proposers of the projects, belongs to?

  • Is there an “Allocated Project Code” we can use for requesting CMIP5 data at NCAR? e.g., see hdrake1

  • Will reanalysis products and observational data be available? e.g., see afahadabdullah.