Finding xCO2 variable for CMIP6 experiments

We are looking for the variable xCO2 for CMIP6 experiment ‘ssp245’ to do machine learning reconstructions of surface ocean pCO2. We need xCO2 as a feature variable, monthly ideally. We are searching for this in the CMIP6 catalog on the hub, but having trouble finding it. We need the following feature variables: ‘tos’, ‘sos’, ‘chl’, ‘mlotst’, ‘xco2’; as well as target variable ‘spco2’. We just can’t find xCO2! Don’t know if it’s under a different variable name, or some other reason. We’re getting this all from path “”. Thanks!

You can get the data from ESGF site→ .

Hi Abby, have you had luck getting what you need yet?

I’m an ocean data scientist who is a regular “user” of CMIP data and it seems frustrating how difficult and / or high-friction using the entire scope of the societally important CMIP data archive is. To be fair it is a somewhat wicked problem given the size and scope of CMIP as a global project but so many people are spending time and energy asking the kinds of questions you are asking here.

Many folks ( not I - all credit to others ) have been working on this off their own initiative, eg: Pangeo / ESGF Cloud Data Working Group — Pangeo / ESGF Cloud Data Working Group documentation , etc.

I’m not sure about the pangeo-cmip6 offering but perhaps limitations in ability to fund open cloud storage means xCO2 isn’t in this sub-set of CMIP6? NB: This also might not be the case!

IMO it would certainly be a worthwhile goal to have all CMIP7 data available on public cloud and behind some kind of robust catalog, intake or otherwise. Others are possibly screaming at my post here that this is already underway or that there are insurmountable hurdles or more funding / effort needed?

@rabernat - any comment here on my rather poorly informed musings?

Hi @AbbySh , can you try to search in the new ingestion catalog (see the README here). :warning: This currently only works for LEAP members, but that is only temporary.