CMIP6 "ocean" data for HighResMIP simulations

I was wondering if anyone else is using the CMIP6 HighResMIP data ( ?

I didn’t find ocean variable on the data catalog stored on google cloud. I got an empty dataframe when I run:

df = pd.read_csv('')
df_highres = df.query("activity_id=='HighResMIP' & variable_id == 'uo' ")

It seems that the only table_id available for these simulations are:

['Amon' '6hrPlev' '3hr' '6hrPlevPt' 'day' 'CF3hr' 'E3hr' 'AERmon' 'CFday'
 'LImon' 'Lmon' 'AERday' 'SIday' 'SImon']

Should I look for it somewhere else?

Thanks, Loïc

The data in the cloud are populated based on user request. If you want this data, you should make a request for it.

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Great thank you @rabernat. Before requesting it, I will see if I don’t have other “easy” possibility to access it.

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