Suggestions for journal options to publish geoscience datasets?

Happy New Year Pangeo people.

This is possibly off topic as not directly related to Pangeo but wondering peoples experience and thoughts / advice on journals to publish papers that document new geoscience datasets. In this case it’s related to in-situ ocean measurements.


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Hi Thomas,

One option is the Geoscience Data Journal -Doug


Hey Doug, thanks for this reply. Much appreciated.

Any other options that others might have positive experiences with?

There is also Earth System Science Data (EGU, Open Access journal) and Scientific Data. For full disclosure: I am an editor at the latter and think it’s pretty great.


@CommonClimate Julien, thanks for those great options. If it’s OK I might DM you about Scientific Data?

DM or email, yes. SD tends to favor submissions of broad interest to the community, though that is of course a subjective call.

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