"Software Engineer I or II - Python Developer" job opportunity with GeoCAT at NCAR

Dear Pangeo community,

I am delighted to share a “Software Engineer I or II - Python Developer” position we just posted for our GeoCAT team at NCAR: Software Engineer I/II: Scientific Python Developer

Please feel free to advertise it as broadly as you can and/or let me know your questions.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks for posting this amazing opportunity. I believe my expertise aligns perfectly for this role. I would love to learn more about this position. Please let me know how we can chat.
My email address is toyon153 at gmail dot com. Please feel free send me email.

Hi mdnurul3,

Thanks very much for your interest! Please consider applying!

I am the hiring manager; please let me know if you have any questions or if anything needs to be clarified in the job post. I am happy to answer them here in this post so that other potential applicants can benefit, too.