Software Engineer and DevOps Engineer Positions At Lamont Climate Data Science Lab

I have posted this news on Twitter already, but not on this forum…

We received a large grant from the Moore Foundation to establish a Climate Data Science Lab here at Lamont / Columbia. The goal of the Climate Data Science Lab is to leverage our group’s expertise at the intersection of climate science and open source software to develop a new generation of powerful, scalable, and sustainable computational tools for climate data science. This includes tackling persistent problems for the Pangeo community such as regridding, geo-aware interpolation, finite-volume operators, and the interface between climate data and machine-learning libraries.

We are hiring for several positions:

  • Software Engineer, Numerical Algorithms and Scientific Python (apply online)
  • Software Engineer, Cloud Computing and Data DevOps (apply online)
  • Associate Research Scientist, Physical Oceanography (apply online)
  • 2 x Postdocs, Physical Oceanography (email for more information on postdoc positions)

We already have several strong applicants for the postdoc and research scientists positions. But for the engineering positions, we are still searching hard for people with an established track record of contributions to the SciPy ecosystem.

The engineering positions have been budgeted with competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Remote work is a possibility for the engineering positions given the right candidate. I would sincerely appreciate help from the Pangeo community identifying candidates for these roles. Members of underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply and can be confident they will find a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

Feel free to DM me with any questions about these positions.


Hi - I just joined here so can’t DM you. I submitted an application and haven’t heard anything, but maybe you could answer some questions of general interest: Are the positions still open? Is the process that you’ll wait until a deadline and then make a decision? Or is there any other general information about the process that you can share?

Thanks for your interest @rocky! The positions are still open and applications are being reviewed on an ongoing basis. We have no specific date to close the search. We will take our time to identify the right candidates. I hope this answers your questions. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.

Thanks for the information!

It answers my question and may be useful information for other prospective candidates.