Should we stop blogging on Medium?

Medium clearly has the market, but the paywall/culture just doesn’t feel right to me for Pangeo. How about something like, which seems like a better fit:

What do folks think?


I am happy to switch platforms…if someone else will do the work of setting up a new blogging infrastructure and migrating our existing posts!

We went with Medium because it was easy for us to get started.

I like the blog on Medium. I don’t have time to follow the more detailed oriented stuff on, and I suspect that many scientists who don’t do a lot of coding may be in the same boat.

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maybe you send the coding-heavy stuff to, and the science-heavy stuff to Medium?

According to the FAQ page, they allow cross-posting from Medium, and it’s possible to set up a canonical URL So a gradual migration is possible. Here’s some useful links:

Basically, they’re a bit more than a blogging platform (not to say you can’t treat it as ‘just’ a blog). I’ve found the people there to be really nice though, definitely a great community :smile:

I’m a Medium noob but have definitely been turned off lately by what looks like paywalled medium stories?

Does the author control if a blog post / story gets locked? Is the Medium paywall keeping non-paying folks from viewing Pangeo posts?

Is the Medium paywall keeping non-paying folks from viewing Pangeo posts?

This is what I was most concerned about when I raised this issue. I don’t know much about, but it seemed perhaps more in keeping with the Pangeo promotion of open systems/tools.

I think Medium only paywalls users if you tick the “highlight my story” box. And you also get a paywall free link which you can tweet out.

You could also consider publishing to both places. Both Medium and support setting a canonical link so you could link them together and avoid search rank issues.

For my personal blog I have a static site hosted on GitHub, and then I syndicate to Medium and (copy paste style) with canonical links back to my blog.

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That’s correct. You can opt out of the paywall on Medium. I had to do this on a post a while ago.