Senior Machine Learning Engineer @Planet (Berlin, Remote)

About the Role:

The past few years have witnessed the acceleration and convergence of two exciting trends in remote sensing and artificial intelligence: the explosion in satellite sensing constellations, government and commercial, has been matched by incredible advances in deep learning (DL), accelerated computing and open source software. New catalogues of daily temporal data will soon dominate the global archives. This data and related “frontier technologies” can shed light on the sustainable development challenges we face, bring revolutionary levels of transparency, and drive a culture of data-driven decision making and accountability. We are focused on researching, developing, and applying core technology in artificial intelligence that will change how our industry measures global activity. For example, we can build systems that detect deforestation within a few days from occurring, anywhere in the world, or extract the most up-to-date maps of roads and buildings for the entire continent of Africa. Our customers come from a range of sectors, including commercial, environmental, and humanitarian. We cooperate with leading R&D institutions worldwide in bringing new ideas to the market. If you are a team player, focused on research and development, and are excited about deep learning, computer vision or spatio-temporal analytics, then this job could be a great fit for you.

What You Bring:

  • Strong background in Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Computer Vision with specific experience in the area of Earth Observations.
  • Strong Python software development skills and proficiency in JavaScript
  • Experience with Deep Learning frameworks such as Tensorflow
  • Experience with GIS based software development and analysis tools.
  • Good foundations of software architecture, object-oriented design, APIs and testing patterns
  • Experience implementing machine learning models and deploying them in scalable environments
  • MS in Computer Science, related technical field or equivalent practical experience

What Makes You Stand Out:

  • Hands-on experience in two or more of the following application areas of remote sensing: LULUCF, agriculture, urban/settlement mapping, mapping of air quality and climate-changing gases, coastal applications (shallow water bathymetry, benthic habitat mapping), defense and intelligence
  • Few years of experience building production software and API services
  • Experience leading and managing small teams and projects
  • PhD degree in topics related to Machine Learning/Deep Learning or Computer Vision/Earth Observations