Seeking Open Science Success Stories

NASA TOPS is seeking open science success stories, particularly in the Earth science realm to share for Earth Day! TOPS is particularly interested in stories that are applicable/of interest to a broad audience and that showcase awesome science that is done in an open/collaborative way, which can include open-source software, open data, open communities, etc. There are more details and some examples shared in this GitHub Discussions post.

I think there could be many success stories through Pangeo (anything through Xarray? @TomNicholas 2i2c? @jmunroe).

You can share your stories on the same GitHub Discussion thread.

If you share your stories before April 4th, we might be able to highlight them for Earth Day! :earth_africa:


Earth science realm

Hello I hope this meet you well,

Its not much of a story but intriguingly interesting to know that open planetary winter school just concluded a huge research on GMAP projects.

During this project, a lot of factors where considered but the significant factors where the mass and moon mapping.

The team which I was part of embarked on the mapping project to determine the safe landing site on the moon and mars for possible future exploration.

It is hoped that by 2024 there will be possible lunching of robot and other AI’s to the these planets. So many other test like the atmospheric weather, soil, water if any and for other life form that may exist on these planets.

The geological nature of these planets where studied using active satellite imagery we obtain possible samples of rocks, minerals, mountains, and canyons.

The team went further to study the way these objects formed, their composition, how they interact with one another, how they erode, and how humans can use them.

In summary,

The school is dedicated to the production of planetary geological maps of the Moon and Mars with particular emphasis to landing sites characterization.

The 2024 Winter School was a largely hands-on, with the inclusion of seminars and time for asynchronous interaction and individual/project mapping work using QGIS ARCGIS and other open source software Which I am proud to be part of.



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