Seeking graduate school opportunities for West Africans

I am helping a colleague from West Africa apply to PhD opportunities primarily in the US, Europe, or Australia. In searching through potential programs/departments in the US, we have found several barriers that will make application too difficult and/or expensive for someone from West Africa.

I am wondering if anyone here knows of any lists of any climate or earth science departments that have any of the following:

  1. No application fee (or are able to waive the application fee for foreign applicants)
  2. No GRE requirement
  3. No English test requirement for native English speakers from West Africa (surprisingly, this has not always been the case! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
  4. Funding to help with getting a visa and travel to the country

Additionally, if anyone here is looking for a very bright and driven PhD student who is eager to do computationally focused research with open-source software in the broad areas of ocean-atmosphere interaction, biogeochemistry, the carbon cycle, or other climate system modeling, please reach out! :slight_smile:

Though I am currently asking for a specific colleague, I work with many West Africans and am generally interested in the resources available to help any future interested applicants.

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