Scientific Machine Learning Scientist at DMI (Copenhagen)

:sun_behind_rain_cloud: Dreaming of Shaping Tomorrow’s Weather? Join DMI’s Weather Research Team! :earth_africa:

DMI is on the lookout for 1-2 brilliant machine learning scientists to join our Weather Research Department and drive innovation in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP). As the national weather forecast authority for Denmark and Greenland, we’re at the forefront of high-resolution weather forecasting and international collaborations. If you’re a mastermind with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, meteorology, or data science, and you’re fluent in scientific programming (Python, Julia, maybe a hint of Fortran), we want to hear from you! Your expertise in scientific machine learning, coupled with a knack for innovative thinking, can have a direct impact on predicting extreme weather events, supporting the green transition, and ensuring community safety. Apply by December 31, 2023, for a chance to redefine the future of weather science! :rocket: